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Entry #1

Hey guys, I'm going to introduce myself.

2011-10-29 18:19:48 by FrSpriterMan

Hey everyone !

I'm FrSpriterMan, I'm on the Spritas. I'm french, so I don't write like you guys, go easy on me and my orthography.

I started animating 2 or 3 months ago and I shared my first flash today. I know it was short...

So I think I said all !


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2011-10-29 18:53:04

Ah, une autre personne qui parler francais, oui? Bienvenue sur Newgrounds. Je pense que il n'y a pas des autres qui parler francais, mais essayez de parler anglais sans des traducteurs. Autre que celui, profitez de votre séjour!

FrSpriterMan responds:

I can see you don't speak french dude : Traductors are bad :s


2011-10-30 06:46:25

Welcome to Newgrounds.
If you are 12 years old or younger, please leave immediately.
If not, enjoy your stay on Newgrounds.

FrSpriterMan responds:

Hello Pokemonpoeguygcn

Thanks for the welcome.

And don't worry I'm 15 years old :)


2011-10-30 11:13:06

thats great! i just watched your first flash and it was good! its just that one moment sonic's color faded and i was just curious was that color supposed to be there, i mean your flash was great and all but, i was just curious.

FrSpriterMan responds:

I cannot found a sprite of sonic who do the movements I wanted :s

And thanks but I know it was bad I'll improve.


2011-10-30 14:46:11

hello and welcom to this very cool galaxy hope you have a good day

FrSpriterMan responds:

Thanks a lot :)